Create your own

Visual site builder

using React

The first CMS with true Visual editing.
Make content editing fun!

Make content editing easy and fun

For content creators

Edit your website content in a visual way. Developers use the stuff they like (React) to create your design.

For developers

Create your own visual site builder like Wix using React components and make your users happy.

Visual site builder
A visual builder, but with your own Design system. Loved by Devs, Editors, Designers.

Image optimization
Automatic creation of responsive images, lazy loading and serving from global CDN.

Host where you like
The website and the editing dashboard are a static website you can host anywhere.

Who is using it?

Capbase Inc. website made with React Bricks
"ReactBricks has allowed us to build a website that works with our React app quickly, cleanly, and smoothly. It lets us create WYSISYG components that our marketing team can build with, allowing them to create an easy to manage and beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain."
Stefan Nagey
Stefan Nagey
Founder @ CapBase, Inc.
Over 1000 users are using React Bricks.

What they say about it

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Read the great blog post by Swizec Teller about React Bricks!
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How the Magic works✨

This is the code of an example brick, a content block for React Bricks.

It is just a React component with a schema property, using React Bricks components for visual editing.

Test it in 5 minutes

Using our powerful CLI you can set up a project in minutes, so that you can start in no time creating your content bricks.


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npx create-reactbricks-app