Visual editor

An inline visual editor you user will love

Marketers and content creators need to see their ideas take shape as they write. With React Bricks they are happy, again.

Wysiwyg editing of text and images, simple property tweak via sidebar controls.

React components

It's like Lego bricks and Wix together, but bricks are React components and Wix is your own.

Leverage your React skills to create content bricks that the Editors will use to create content.

You can use React Bricks visual editing components (Text, RichText, Image, Repeater) and choose what the user will be able to change via the sidebar controls.

Powerful CLI

Create a new App in seconds

Using the React Bricks CLI you'll be able to create a new React Bricks app answering a few simple questions.

npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

Host anywhere

Host the website and Admin dashboard where you like

You can host your website on Vercel, Netlify or any static web host or CDN.

We take care of your content on our API servers.

Blazing fast static site

Leverage Next.js static generation

A static site is performant, secure by design and easy to deploy.

Your editors will be able to trigger a rebuild with the click of a button.

Image optimization

Boost SEO and perceived performance

React Bricks will serve to your users optimized responsive images, lazy loaded as they enter the viewport.

Images have a SEO-friendly name you can set and are served from a fast worldwide CDN.

Great for designers

Your design system, unbroken

The Content creators won't break your design, because they can touch only what you allow them to.

React Bricks works with any CSS framework: Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material UI, CSS modules...


Translate your pages' content!

Add languages via Admin interface at any moment and translate your pages with a button click.

React Bricks UI

A collection of beautiful bricks, Free and open source!

We created a set of beautiful content blocks with Tailwind CSS, fully typed with TypeScript, responsive and dark-mode ready!

See it on GitHub